Konstantin K. Likharev


Distinguished Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Stony Brook University


            Snail Mail:      Stony Brook, NY 11794-3800
          Phone:         631-632-8159
          Fax:              631-632-4977 or -4976
          E-mail:         konstantin.likharev@stonybrook.edu 

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          Recent teaching:

                   - Core Graduate Physics courses - see Lecture Notes and Problems


Recent research:

                   - Nanoelectronics: Devices, circuits, and architectures

Recent invited talks/tutorials:

                        - “Nanoelectronics: Prospects and challenges”, tutorial at the IEEE NANO meeting, Portland, OR (Aug. 2011)

                   - “Superconductor digital electronics”, invited talk at Superconductivity Centennial Conference, The Hague, The Netherlands (Sep. 2011)


Recent review papers: 

- K. K. Likharev, “Superconductor digital electronics”, Physica C, vol. 482, pp. 6-18, Nov. 2012

                        - D. B. Strukov and K. K. Likharev, “Reconfigurable nano-crossbar architectures”, in: R. Waser (ed.), Nanoelectronics and Information technology, 3rd ed. (Wiley, 2012), Ch. 23

                       - K. K. Likharev, “CrossNets: Neuromorphic hybrid CMOS/nanoelectronic networks”, Sci. Adv. Mater., vol. 3, pp. 322-331, Jun. 2011


Some older (including a few really old) review papers:

                   - K. K. Likharev, “Hybrid CMOS/nanoelectronic circuits: Opportunities and challenges”, J. Nanoel. & Optoel., vol. 3, pp. 203-230, Dec. 2008

                   - K. K. Likharev, “Electronics below 10 nm", in: J. Greer et al. (eds.), Nano and Giga Challenges in Microelectronics (Elsevier, 2003), pp. 27-68

                   - P. Bunyk, K. Likharev, and D. Zinoviev, “RSFQ technology: Physics and devices”, Int. J. High Speed Electron. Syst., vol. 11, pp. 257-306, Jan. 2001

                   - K. K. Likharev, “Single-electron devices and their applications”, Proc. IEEE, vol. 87, pp. 606-632, Apr. 1999

                   - D. V. Averin and K. K. Likharev, “Single-electronics”, in: B. Altshuler et al. (eds.), Mesoscopic Phenomena in Solids (Elsevier, 1991), pp. 173-271

                   - K. K. Likharev, “Correlated discrete transfer of single electrons in ultrasmall junctions, IBM J. Res. Develop., vol. 32, pp. 144-158, Jan. 1988

                   - I. A. Devyatov, L. S. Kuzmin, K. K. Likharev, V. V. Migulin, and A. B. Zorin, “Quantum-statistical theory of microwave detection using superconductor tunnel junctions”, J. Appl. Phys., vol. 60, pp. 1808-1828, Sep. 1986

                   - A. K. Jain, K. K. Likharev, J. E. Lukens, and J. E. Sauvageau, “Mutual phase locking in Josephson junction arrays”, Phys. Repts., vol. 109, pp. 309-426, July 1984

                   - K. K. Likharev, “Superconducting weak links”, Rev. Mod. Phys., vol. 51, pp. 101-159, Jan. 1979


Some very old software for single-electron circuit simulation:

                   - MOSES ver. 1.2

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                   - “On the Importance of Education


Research administrator:

                                    Pernille Jensen (pernille.jensen@stonybrook.edu, phone 631-632-4975)

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